The City of Dunwoody flourishes daily thanks to the numerous visitors who explore our vibrant community. At Discover Dunwoody, we concentrate on three primary areas to attract travelers: business travel, groups and meetings, and film and entertainment. These sectors are key to maximizing hotel occupancy, providing significant benefits to our local economy. 


Our Top Priority: Increasing Hotel Stays 


Why do we focus so much on increasing hotel stays? The economic impact is substantial. Here are some national insights from the U.S. Travel Association: 


- In 2023, the travel industry directly employed 8 million Americans and supported nearly 15 million jobs. 

- The travel industry accounts for 2.5% of the national GDP. 

- Travel is a leading service export, generating a trade surplus for the U.S. economy. 

- In 2023, travel spending reached $1.3 trillion, creating a total economic impact of $2.8 trillion. 


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The Economic Impact on Dunwoody 


For Dunwoody, each hotel room night generates approximately $650 in local economic growth and $34.70 in local taxes. This adds up to around $1.1 million per month in revenue for the city. These funds not only boost local businesses but also create jobs. Dunwoody is an attractive destination for hospitality workers due to our accessible MARTA station, upscale hotels, and abundant local activities. With upcoming developments like High Street and Campus 244, our future is even brighter. 


The benefits of increased hotel stays go beyond economic growth. The additional revenue helps maintain a vibrant city, reduce tax burdens on residents, and create more local job opportunities. Dunwoody is becoming one of the most appealing metro Atlanta cities for both locals and visitors. As we enhance our walkability and offerings, more people will choose Dunwoody when visiting Atlanta. Our film and entertainment sector will also thrive with the addition of Assembly Atlanta as a neighbor. 


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Whenever you need a hotel for visiting friends or family, please visit to find a local hotel. Supporting our hotels helps ensure Dunwoody continues to grow and prosper. Together, we can elevate our community's economic landscape.