Hey there fellow film enthusiasts. Today, our Senior Sales Manager, Treasure Wilson, is excited to recount her remarkable experience at Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta—a journey into the heart of cinematic brilliance across 465,000 square feet.


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A Behind-the-Scenes Adventure

My journey started with a warm welcome from Michael Clark, General Manager of Studio Operations. A remarkable host, Michael, guided me through the studio's wonders, from cutting-edge facilities to the latest soundstages. Eagle Rock Studios prioritizes efficiency and convenience, boasting an innovative "under one roof" studio system with covered basecamp areas at their Best Friend Road and Stone Mountain facilities. No worries about weather delays; rest assured that the entire crew stays under one roof! 


Eagle Rock Studios lives up to its reputation as a cinematic gem, offering awe-inspiring production facilities. This visit not only expanded my knowledge but fueled my excitement for upcoming projects in the world of film. 


A heartfelt shoutout to Michael Clark for generously sharing the studio's magic. His passion and dedication to cinematic excellence were evident throughout the tour. Encounters like these make the film community truly special.  


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Looking Ahead: New Insights, Bigger Stages, Endless Possibilities! 

Reflecting on this fantastic day, I'm filled with gratitude for exploring Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta. The journey enriched my understanding of film production and sparked excitement for what lies ahead. Cheers to new insights, bigger stages, and endless possibilities in cinema's ever-evolving landscape! Join me in celebrating the magic of Eagle Rock Studios and stay tuned for more film and production adventures.


So, whether you're scouting locations or planning your next shoot, remember that Discover Dunwoody awaits you—a gateway to seamless filming and relaxation in a welcoming and accommodating environment. To learn more about the vibrant film scene in Dunwoody, visit Funwoody.com. Join the conversation on social and let us know what you think.  Let’s connect on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.