Dunwoody is truly blossoming, offering an ever-increasing array of delightful spaces for residents and Atlanta-area visitors alike. One of the city's most exciting developments? The addition of inviting green spaces perfect for gathering and basking in the great outdoors.  


These new hangout spots run the gamut from sprawling parks to buzzing plazas surrounded by popular dining and shopping hotspots. Whether you're looking to explore a tranquil nature trail, picnic on a sunny lawn, or sip cocktails alfresco, Dunwoody has you covered.


Let's take a little tour of the city's latest and greatest green gathering places. Get ready to discover your next go-to spot for quality time with friends, family, or simply peaceful solo recharging. The options are blossoming as brilliantly as Dunwoody itself! 

Ashford Lane Greenspace Cornhole People

Park Place 


Let's kick things off with the latest buzz: Park Place. This spot is a Dunwoody gem where many of us have shared countless memories. Now, it's been revamped into a sleek, modern village. Whether you're here to chill and chat with friends, sip on a tasty drink from one of the outlets, or just dive into a good book, Park Place has got you covered.  


The heart of this space is a cozy courtyard perfect for playtime with the kiddos, admiring a vibrant new mural, or catching a weekend flick. This classic shopping center is home to the beloved Café Intermezzo, Dunwoody’s original! It's still the go-to spot for many locals looking for a romantic coffee and dessert date. 


While you're soaking in the vibes, make sure to swing by Eclipse Di Luna, The Brass Tap (soon to become Cowboys & Caviar), and McKendrick’s for a mouthwatering steak and more. Come and rediscover the outdoor magic of Park Place.


Park Place Greenspace and Mural

Ashford Lane 


Based on the popularity of this location, we bet most of you have come to Ashford Lane before. It is idyllic for all ages. The rather new lawn is a wonderful space feeling like a cross between a park and downtown. All the restaurants offer outdoor dining in the park as well as a place to grab a cocktail and enjoy a walk around the lawn. As one of Dunwoody’s entertainment districts, grab a drink at Politan Row and then walk over to the green to play corn hole.


Be sure to check out our Discover Dunwoody Event Calendar to see the events happening at Ashford Lane’s Lawn. They have cultural events, music, games, and socials all summer long. Also grab your Dunwoody Deals and Rewards app to reap the rewards of dropping in here.


Ashford Lane Live Music Event People on the Lawn Greenspace


Publix/First Watch 


It's wild to think this place used to be a big pond! Now, we call it The Publix Perimeter Marketplace. Nestled in one corner of this fantastic development is a raised greenspace that's perfect for everyone to enjoy.  


First Watch is right next to the greenspace, and guests can grab a cocktail and bask in the sun. On the opposite side, you'll find Super Chix, which is one of my absolute faves! Their chicken sandwiches are out of this world, and the fries? Simply fantastic. 


Other awesome spots here include Chicken Salad Chick, Chopt, Panda Express, and one of Dunwoody's hottest new hangouts: QuikTrip! Come check out all the deliciousness and fun at The Publix Perimeter Marketplace.

The Shops of Dunwoody 


Alright y'all, let's take a stroll through Dunwoody's hopping Village district. This charming little pocket of town is absolutely bursting with eating and drinking hot spots. One of our favorite hangouts? The laid-back green space nestled between the Shops of Dunwoody and that old standby, the Dunwoody Tavern


This grassy little nook is the perfect meet-up spot for friends who can't agree on where to nosh. You've got your pals who are jonesin' for a juicy burger from Breadwinner Cafe, while others are craving pad thai from Nai Thai Cuisine. Meanwhile, the margarita crowd is pushing for Taqueria Los Hermanos, and the pizza purists want Vintage Pizzeria wood-fired pies. Not to mention the brew fans angling for Porter Brewery's smoky 'que! 


Rather than picking sides, grab some delicious grub (and drinks!) from whichever Village spot is calling your name. Then mosey on over to the green and throw down a picnic blanket. With the whole gang settled in, you can happily chow down on your chosen cuisines together without anybody getting hangry. Wash it all down with a Dunwoody Tavern cocktail or locally brewed porter for one heckuva good time.

High Street, Campus 244 


Be ready for the next few things that are coming to this hot spot. High Street is going to open sometime soon (hopefully at the end of summer!) and will have its own green space to offer with planned events. Look for some great new outlets to be represented around this outdoor space: Putt Shack, Hampton Social, Velvet Taco, Jaguar Bolera, Ben & Jerry’s, Cuddlefish, Agave Bandido, & Nando’s Peri Peri. 


Campus 244 will open later this year and will offer CT Taqueria and Stäge. It too will have its own greenspace for locals and travelers alike. Watch our blogs for more on those developments. 

Brook Run Park


For the ultimate in green spaces, head to Dunwoody’s Brook Run Park. For those seeking a peaceful natural oasis, this park is an absolute must-visit. Spanning 119 acres, it's massive and feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle. Meander along the 2-mile loop trail as it winds through dense woodlands, over bubbling streams, and past picturesque meadows. Keep your eyes peeled for deer, birds, and other wildlife that call the park home. With its playground, dog park, and picnic pavilions, Brook Run is also a fantastic spot for family outings. Adventure seekers can test their skills on the mountain biking trails while anglers cast their lines in the stocked ponds. No matter your chosen outdoor activity, Brook Run Park provides the perfect tranquil setting to unwind and reconnect with nature. 

For other park ideas here.


Brook Run Park Event Kids to Parks Day

From buzzing plazas surrounded by trendy eateries to serene nature trails winding through pristine forests, Dunwoody offers something for every taste when it comes to awesome outdoor spaces. Whether you're in the mood for lively gatherings with friends, laid-back family picnics, or solo adventures reconnecting with nature, this thriving city has you covered. So get out there and start exploring all the fantastic green hangouts Dunwoody has to offer. Catch an outdoor concert, stroll the village shops, or simply bask in the calm of one of the city's peaceful parks. With so many delightful options blossoming, the opportunities for fresh-air fun are endless. Embrace the vibrant spirit of this growing community and soak up all the natural beauty it has to share. 


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