February Recipient of the Travel/Production/Procurement Associates Recognition Program


Discover Dunwoody is honored to shine a spotlight on Maria Vanessa Reyes, the February recipient of the Travel/Production/Procurement Associates Recognition Program. This initiative, hosted by Discover Dunwoody, aims to celebrate outstanding professionals in the local film industry who have made remarkable contributions to the community. Maria's inspiring journey serves as a testament to the determination and dedication required to turn dreams into reality.


After graduating from SCAD in 2017, Maria worked as a waitress at an Italian restaurant. One day the owner of the restaurant went to deliver pizza to Swirl Films. While he was there, he mentioned Maria and how she was looking for a job in the film industry, this ultimately ended up being the beginning of Maria’s film career. She was offered her first film opportunity in the TV series "Tales" as an intern, and after just one month, her hard work ethic allowed her to move up from being a Set Dresser to an Art Coordinator. Soon after, Maria switched gears to take on the role of a Production Assistant (PA).


Maria's talent and dedication did not go unnoticed. Producers realized her potential and offered her the position of Production Coordinator after just one movie as a PA. Since then, Maria has been working nonstop, contributing to over 50 shows in less than six years. She proves that with determination and hard work, dreams can become a reality.


A Venezuelan journalist with a Master's Degree in Film and TV Production, Maria Vanessa Reyes has become an integral part of the film industry in the United States, primarily in Atlanta, Georgia. Her freelancing work for Swirl Films, a Gray Media Production Company, has solidified her position as a go-to Production Coordinator for major projects.


Over the past couple of years, Maria has achieved significant milestones in her career. She secured a stable role as a Production Coordinator for Swirl Films’ biggest productions. She also has showcased her expertise in coordinating complex logistics for indie films and television series'. Additionally, Maria shared her knowledge and experience by delivering a career advice speech to young professionals at SCAD last year.


Maria's extensive filmography includes key roles in productions such as "Trouble Man" where she served as a Production Office Coordinator, "Coach Luke Documentary" where she acted as UPM, and "Single Black Female 2" where she excelled as a Production Coordinator, among many others.


Looking ahead, Maria aspires to continue growing in the industry. Her goal is to transition into roles such as Line Producer/UPM and explore the creative side of the film industry as a Creative Producer and Producer for films and TV shows.


Maria Vanessa Reyes is not just a success story; she's a beacon of inspiration for aspiring professionals in the film industry. Discover Dunwoody proudly recognizes Maria for her outstanding contributions to the local film community, and we're excited to see more of her future accomplishments.   


  Maria Headshot