Welcome to Discover Dunwoody, where we bring you fascinating interviews with people making a significant impact on our community and beyond! In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Kelsey Moore, the Executive Director of the Georgia Screen Entertainment Coalition (GSEC). GSEC is the unified voice of Georgia's booming film, TV, and digital entertainment production industry, responsible for hundreds of productions, tens of thousands of jobs, and billions of dollars in direct spending in the state. 🎞️

Georgia has been hailed as the “New Hollywood” or the “Hollywood of the South” for over a decade, and with GSEC’s dedicated advocacy and support, it’s easy to see why. The combination of infrastructure, workforce, and a stable film tax incentive makes Georgia a powerhouse for film production. With over 7 million square feet of studio space on track by 2025, Georgia has become a global leader in film production, surpassing New York and challenging California. 🌟

One of the shining stars in this exciting landscape is Assembly Atlanta, a groundbreaking 135-acre movie/TV studio located just 12 minutes from Dunwoody. Assembly Atlanta, a revolutionary new studio, combines studio space with public recreational space, making it the first of its kind in the industry. Gray Television and NBCUniversal have partnered to build this cutting-edge facility on the former General Motors Assembly Plant. With the capacity to accommodate over 4,000 full-time staff working on ten different shows simultaneously, Assembly Atlanta is revolutionizing the film industry not only in Georgia but beyond. 🎬

The success of Assembly Atlanta will have a significant economic impact on Dunwoody. This dynamic studio will create thousands of job opportunities, attract major film productions, and stimulate the local economy through increased tourism, hospitality, and service industries. Dunwoody, just 12 minutes from set to bed, will become a preferred destination for film industry workers seeking a place to stay, dine, and shop. Assembly Atlanta’s impact on Georgia’s film production industry is already evident, with its advanced technology and infrastructure reshaping the landscape of film production. The studio’s proximity to Dunwoody will undoubtedly garner much attention and create numerous opportunities for the local community. 🎥

As the film industry continues to thrive in Georgia, GSEC works diligently to keep it growing. They represent a diverse membership, from major studios and support service companies to talented crew members and educational programs, nurturing the industry’s future workforce. By including “Screen Entertainment” in its name, GSEC reflects the evolving nature of entertainment consumption through film, television, and streaming. 📸 

The future of film in Georgia is bright, and Discover Dunwoody is at the forefront of this exciting cinematic journey. Come be a part of this incredible transformation as Georgia solidifies its position as a premier global film production hub. Don’t miss this engaging interview that offers an inside look into the heart of Georgia’s film industry, its impact on the state, and how Dunwoody is poised to shine in the world of entertainment. Join us in this insightful conversation with Kelsey Moore as she discusses the keys to Georgia’s film industry success, the impact of the writers’ strike, and the importance of film tax credits.

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