Join us for an empowering and insightful conversation on Dunwoody Dialogues featuring Vanessa Hamler, the remarkable adult honoree for the Arthritis Foundation Georgia’s Jingle Bell Run at Brook Run Park. Vanessa shares her courageous journey, navigating life with rheumatoid arthritis, shedding light on diagnosis, treatment, and the importance of raising awareness.

In this interview, Vanessa candidly discusses her personal experience managing rheumatoid arthritis, revealing the challenges she’s faced and the resilience she’s shown over the years. From the impact on her daily life to the strategies she’s adopted to manage the condition, Vanessa’s story is both moving and inspiring.

Through heartfelt discussions on medication, lifestyle adjustments, and the emotional aspects of living with a chronic illness, this conversation offers invaluable insights. Vanessa’s dedication to advocacy and her viral TikTok video has brought attention to her cause, fostering understanding and support for those affected by similar conditions.

Don’t miss this impactful dialogue where Vanessa Hamler shares her journey, spreads awareness, and inspires hope. Let’s rally together to support Vanessa and the Arthritis Foundation at the upcoming Jingle Bell Run at Brook Run Park on December 9! 🎥🏃‍♀️ Join us in raising awareness and standing with those affected by rheumatoid arthritis.

🌟 Every step you take supports the Arthritis Foundation’s mission to conquer arthritis and find a cure. Let’s jingle all the way for a great cause!  @ArthritisFoundation  
Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run 🏃‍♂️
📅 Date: December 9, 2023
📍 Location: Brook Run Park in Dunwoody
🎁 Register here:

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