Join Discover Dunwoody, in this engaging interview with Lauren Sok, a renowned physical therapist and founder of Functionize Health & Physical Therapy in Dunwoody.

In this video, Lauren shares her expertise and knowledge on the benefits of private pay physical therapy and the personalized approach she takes to help her clients achieve optimal health and function.

Lauren shares her motivation to start her own practice in Dunwoody, breaking away from the traditional insurance-driven healthcare system. She believes in treating the person as a whole and not just focusing on the diagnosis. By offering private pay services, Functionize is able to provide client-centered care and tailor treatments to each individual, rather than following a cookie-cutter approach.

Functionize Health & Physical Therapy offers a diverse range of treatments. These include hands-on manual therapy, exercise programs, and the popular technique of dry needling. Lauren’s passion for helping her clients regain their optimal function shines through as she describes the positive outcomes and rapid results achieved through her treatments.

Beyond physical therapy, Lauren emphasizes the importance of the four pillars of healthy living: movement, nutrition, sleep, and stress management. She discusses the role of physical therapy in addressing stress-related issues and how it contributes to overall well-being.

Lauren’s dedication to her clients and her commitment to creating a sense of community in Dunwoody are evident. She shares her personal connection to the area, explaining why she chose Dunwoody as her practice’s location and highlighting the strong community spirit it offers.

Discover how Functionize Health & Physical Therapy can help you overcome limitations, improve your function, and live a healthier, more active life.

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