Join us as we sit down with Jennifer Long, the visionary leader behind Create Dunwoody, in this inspiring and insightful interview. Jennifer shares her passion for the arts and her plans to drive economic development through creativity in our vibrant community. 

Create Dunwoody is a non-profit alliance 501(c)(3) to advance commerce and cultivate vibrant communities and culture while elevating the arts throughout the City of Dunwoody. With a focus on economic vitality, our goal is to partner with other organizations to support the growth of placemaking and improve the quality of life for all who live, work, and play in the City of Dunwoody.

Drawing on her extensive experience in both non-profit and corporate sectors, Jennifer explains her strategic approach to balancing the goals of Create Dunwoody as a non-profit with the economic objectives of the city. She emphasizes the significance of public art and reveals how Create Dunwoody will continue to support its establishment and growth, enhancing the cultural fabric of our city.

Jennifer outlines specific initiatives that Create Dunwoody plans to implement to build more reasons for people to stay and spend time in Dunwoody. She emphasizes the importance of collaboration with other organizations and stakeholders, highlighting how Create Dunwoody aims to work with the community to achieve its goals.

With her background in sales, marketing, journalism, and technology, Jennifer discusses how she intends to leverage her diverse skill set to drive organizational growth and foster innovation at Create Dunwoody. She shares her strategies for involving and engaging the community in the mission of Create Dunwoody, emphasizing the value of civic engagement in shaping the organization’s success.

Her creative passion is assuming the popular radio on-air personality “Shea Love” role on Atlanta’s KISS 104.1 FM. She also hosts KISS 104.1 Sunday Vibes and The Georgia Lottery. Additionally, she is a Voice Over Talent for local brands such as; Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, Publix, Gold Peak Tea, AT&T, and Georgia Power.

Join us in this captivating interview with Jennifer Long as she shares her inspiring vision, strategies, and aspirations for Create Dunwoody. Discover how this organization will evolve and learn about its long-term goals for enriching our community through arts and culture.

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