Dream Dates Include Plates 

We’re tourism professionals and we’re happy to admit: the best part of planning a trip is selecting the food. Whether you want to dine out, pick up or order in, our restaurants are well equipped to provide you a safe and delicious meal.

In Dunwoody, there’s no shortage of meals to be had. But there’s more on our plate than just food. From dining to outdoors to art to “let’s have seconds,” Dunwoody provides a delicious balance of food, fun and safety. And Discover Dunwoody is here to help you have the best possible time when you’re in town.

So, let’s dig in.

We start with burgers, because a juicy cheeseburger makes everything better. At the legendary Village Burger, the hamburger is elevated to an art form. Accompanied by fresh-cut french fries, thick milkshakes, and an inviting atmosphere (with a killer patio), you may want to just hang all day. 

But don’t slow down yet. Let’s work off that red meat by exploring the Dunwoody Nature Center. Tucked away into the trees and secluded from the city, the nature center’s hiking trails and ample green space make it the perfect place for some post-lunch fresh air. Oh, and a hammock garden? Don’t mind if we do.

After the fresh air (and hammock power nap), we’re happy to say it’s time to EAT AGAIN. This time we’re taking you on a direct flight to New York. With hearty meatball subs, pizza, and pasta specials every day, E. 48th Street Market is a family-run authentic Italian grocery that brings Bronx flavor to Dunwoody.

You’re well-fed and inspired. Now it’s time to unleash your creativity at Spruill Center for the Arts. Spruill provides a safe, fun and creative environment with a talented staff of teachers who will help you through the basics of pottery, drawing and turning that blank canvas into a conversation piece hanging on your wall.

All that creative exertion means it’s time for one last thing to close our day: MORE FOOD. Novo Cucina is made for long, sprawling dinners where the conversation flows like wine. And with its shareable menu of artisanal pizza, homemade pastas, fresh salads and classic Italian appetizers paired with one of the city’s best wine lists and creative craft cocktails, it’s easy to spend a few hours exploring all it has to offer. And pro-tip: Save room for the freshly-spun gelato. My goodness.

What. A. Day. You’re full of creativity. And pasta. You’re ready for what’s next. But for now, cozy up, get a good eight hours of sleep at one of our dreamy hotels. Rest assured, you’re in one of the safest, most-hygienic cities in the Southeast. Wake up refreshed and explore the rest of Dunwoody tomorrow.