Dunwoody is Atlanta Elevated

We're not throwing shade at our sister city. We're just saying Dunwoody has more shade from that hot, southern sun, what with the trees in our many parks. We've also got award-winning restaurants and wine bars. Art galleries and events. Spas and shopping. All of it just a 10-mile ride from Atlanta attractions, so you can experience the best of both worlds. You see, Dunwoody is Georgia's best kept secret. It's an escape from the hustle and bustle. It's Atlanta's crown jewel.

We know that's a bold claim. We can back it up.

Park at Pernoshal

Wide Open Spaces

Like the succulent in your office cubicle, you need more than fluorescent light to flourish. Dunwoody's got a whole lot more. Swing from a tree swing or do yoga on the deck at the 35-acre Dunwoody Nature Center. Take a run at Brook Run Park or stroll through the sprawling Donaldson-Bannister Farm. Get literally elevated at Treetop Quest, a ropes course dozens of feet above the ground. After an afternoon of outdoor adventure, wind down at Woodhouse Day Spa, then trade the wide open spaces for a wide open bed at the luxurious Le Meridien.

Converse Everything Will Be OK

Culture and Couture

"Couture is a word that means "fashionable clothing." We know that because Dunwoody is a mecca for all things shopping. Here are some other things we know:

- We know that Dunwoody's Perimeter Mall is the second-largest mall in the Southeast (second only to the Mall of Georgia), and that many charming shops like Enchanted Forest and Under the Pecan Tree are in close proximity.

- We know that Caffeine & Octane is the #1 car show in the country, and that our family-friendly festivals draw folks from all over and from all walks of life.

- We know that Everything Will Be OK, thanks to Dunwoody's iconic mural at Spruill Art Gallery.

- We know that Stage Door Players showcases some of the best theater performances in the Atlanta area in Dunwoody.

Alon's MarketAlon's Breads

One Hot Food Scene

(Cold food too.) We've got all kinds of cuisine here in Dunwoody. The European-inspired Alon's Bakery & Market boasts an array of artisan cheeses, breads, wine, pastries and cookies, all made-from-scratch. Vino Venue offers enomatic machines for a unique tasting experience. Novo Cucina has its homemade gelato, and Takorea its unique fusion of Korean and Mexican. If you've got good taste, you'll like what you find in Dunwoody.

Boy Climbing Nature Center

Get Away to Dunwoody

If you're not already feeling that Atlanta Elevated high, go read our blog. You'll find unique date ideas, vacation inspiration, tips on mastering minimalism or passing as a fancy wine drinker, and a whole lot more. Then book your trip to Dunwoody, Georgia. Atlanta will understand.

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