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Empire State Pizza & Growlers


A new flavor of goodness is in your neighborhood. You can now experience the best pizza, pasta and wings in town, and have some great beer in the process. You can even take it all home with you if you like.

Empire State Pizza & Growlers is a local family owned and operated establishment that utilizes only the freshest and finest ingredients for everything that comes out of our kitchen. A family friendly environment right in your backyard offers you a great place to stop in for lunch or dinner.

Our beer menu will provide you with options ranging from the finest craft beers to the more popular domestics and imports that you’ve grown to know and love. You can swing in for a couple of pints or a pitcher, or feel free to grab a growler jug filled with a favorite to take home and enjoy at your leisure. Be sure and bring it back for a refill next time you get thirsty. We also will offer a house brew that we’ll serve in a pitcher for a mere $5 to you and your crew. It’s all up to you and your palette.