Dunwoody Defined

You think you know yourself. But ask a friend to describe you. Ask someone you work with. Ask someone you knew ten years ago. What picture would emerge?

In celebration of our 10th year as a city, we’ve done some serious self-reflection and tried to identify the key things that form our vibrant city’s story. What’s emerged from that is “Dunwoody Defined,” a short film series spotlighting the faces and places that make our city go.

We hope when you watch you’ll be inspired enough to visit. Dunwoody’s the word -- we want you to be part of the definition.


Alon's Breads

Aspiring chefs used to flee Dunwoody to find work. That’s not the case anymore. Our culinary scene has risen to the top faster than a pot of boiling angel hair. We have steakhouses worthy of Sinatra. Unpretentious wine bars that educate without lecturing. A European-style market with homemade pastries that you’ll want to share with all your friends. We have burgers too — every city needs a classic burger joint.

Videos: Get hungry.


Dunwoody Defined Stage Door Players

A city’s soul is hollow without art. Art inspires and confuses. It provokes and entertains. It’s spread all over Dunwoody. Meet the playhouse that rivals Broadway. Experience a night of painting unlike any other. Visit the art gallery where Everything will be OK.

Videos: See the art.



Dunwoody Defined EF Merch

In Dunwoody, we have a very loose definition of shopping. It’s not about spending money. It’s about spreading joy. That can mean volunteering to make care packages for veterans. Or shopping local at our version of a mom and pop (mom and daughter, in this case). OK, we also have the second biggest mall in the Southeast. There’s joy in that, too.

Videos: Shop for joy.



We’re already hard at work on season 2 of Dunwoody Defined. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to suggest future episode ideas for the series. This is truly a community effort so we would love to hear your feedback on the things that define Dunwoody to you.

To discover more about our city, read the Official Dictionary of Dunwoody first edition and second edition.

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