These Dunwoody Restaurants Will Define Your Vacation

Good food is a foundational element of a great vacation. Years may pass, but when you think back to the tastes and smells of a delicious meal you’re transported to that moment in time. Memories are elastic and food is time travel. One meal at any of these Dunwoody restaurants and you’ll create a memory that you can call on again and again.

Village Burger

A classic American burger joint.

“Food defines community. We feel like we’re a part of that here in Dunwoody.” - Matthew Gephardt, Owner of Village Burger


McKendrick’s Steak House

A Sinatra-inspired steakhouse.

“I like when they walk out the door and say that’s the best meal I ever had.” - Doug McKendrick, Owner of McKendrick’s Steakhouse

Vino Venue

 A wine bar that’s not for snobs.

“As a Dunwoody small business owner I definitely felt the love [after] my husband’s illness and passing. We have a wonderful amount of support from local Dunwoody customers.” - Lelia Bryan, Owner of Vino Venue



A Dunwoody cafe with a European vibe.

“We have a lot of regular guests that come in, our cashiers and baristas know exactly what they’re going to have when they come. They just become part of the family.” - Maegan Buffington, Manager at Alon’s


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