From the French chair (“flesh”) and cuit (“cooked”) and pronounced “shar-koo-tuh-ree,” charcuterie describes a wide range of cured meats, from hard, thin-sliced cuts to soft spreads.  Your personal chef will teach you how to mix and match flavors and textures and incorporate cheeses and accoutrements into the perfect charcuterie and cheese board for your next dinner soiree.  Your creation will be Insta-Worthy!  

You’ll also learn what drinks to offer that will complement the flavors on your board from your personal Sommelier.  He/she will choose craft beers, ciders and wines to sample with your board.
Guests will leave our session with greater confidence, passion and understanding of cheeses, charcuteries and drinks that pair!
How It Works

  1. Schedule the date and time for your one-hour charcuterie and cheese board creation with Vino Venue.   
  2. Invite your clients to attend.  They can include household members that are able to view the same device. 
  3. Send your clients directions on joining the Zoom session and on picking up their wines and foods – these details will be provided to you by Vino Venue to forward.
  4. Join your session a few minutes early and provide a quick welcome at the start of your tasting.
  5. Your sommelier and chef will do the rest!

Experience Includes

  • 1-hour session
  • Sommelier
  • Chef
  • Multiple bottles of craft beer, cider and/or wine per guest
  • Artisanal cheeses, meats and accoutrements
  • Zoom meeting connections
  • Ability to add your own presentation to the guests’ experience

Starting at $53 per guest
Additional sets of charcuterie/cheese and beverages can be added to the experience.


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