Although there is something truly tantalizing about the combination, "Wine & Cheese" is said to be one of the most difficult pairings.   Invite your guests to sip and savor their way through general pairing guidelines and suggestions.  Your sommelier instructor and cheese aficionado will discuss the cheese making process, history of cheese, main types of cheese and general composition of cheese and wine.

Guests will leave our session with greater confidence, passion and understanding so they can ultimately experience the pleasure of a perfect pairing!

How It Works

  1. Schedule the date and time for your one-hour wine and cheese pairing with Vino Venue.   
  2. Invite your clients to attend.  They can include household members that are able to view the same device. 
  3. Send your clients directions on joining the Zoom session and on picking up their wines and cheeses – these details will be provided to you by Vino Venue to forward.
  4. Join your session a few minutes early and provide a quick welcome at the start of your tasting.
  5. Your sommelier will do the rest!

Experience will Include

  • A 1-hour pairing session
  • Sommelier
  • Artisanal cheeses
  • Multiple bottles of wine for guest
  • Zoom connections
  • Ability to add client presentation to customer experience

$59 per guest for 2 half-bottles of wine and 3 cheeses
$78 per guest for 3 half-bottles of wine and 5 cheeses
Additional sets of cheeses and wine can be added to the experience.

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