NFA Burger is Dunwoody's local treasure. Dunwoody local, owner, and founder of NFA Burger, Billy Kramer started this joint as a popup and later found its home in the Chevron gas station in Dunwoody Village in 2019. Don’t let the location fool you...these burgers have created such a buzz in the community and burger world that they have been voted Best Burger in Georgia by Food and Wine and have received many other accolades.

We decided to ask Billy Kramer what his tips are for making the best burger at home!

According to Kramer, “The best burger in the world is the burger you think is the best burger. Not the burger someone else thinks is the best burger.”

Many in Dunwoody consider NFA's burger THE BEST BURGER. So what is the secret Billy? He revealed all his secrets! See how Kramer makes the best burger in town:

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