Hey Super Bowl fanatics! Why be a couch potato for the epic showdown when you can huddle up with fellow NFL enthusiasts, either cheering triumphantly or shedding a tear for your beloved team? Dunwoody's got a playbook full of the best  spots to watch the Super Bowl. The places where you can tackle the excitement, savor some cool beverages, and chow down on fantastic grub.


Picture this – Buffalo Wild Wings , the rookie on the scene right in front of Perimeter Mall, flaunting a jaw-dropping 80 wall-to-wall TVs. Get ready to catch every play. And while you're at it, tackle the Brisket Taco – it's a touchdown of flavor!


Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar isn't only for lazy pups; you can leash up your laid-back canine and kick back on the patio. With killer food and enough TVs to make your head spin faster than a quarterback's spiral, grab those prime seats at the bar before the game clock starts.


Dunwoody Tavern People Laughing Beer Wine

The hub of it all – The Village, where the game takes center stage in their expansive courtyard featuring an enormous TV. Surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere of Bar{n}, Message in a Bottle, and Morty’s Meat & Supply, you can seamlessly transition from one hotspot to another, ensuring you never miss a thrilling moment. The Village creates the perfect trifecta of sports, drinks, and camaraderie, making it an ideal destination to revel in the Super Bowl festivities with fellow enthusiasts. 


The Brass Tap, chilling in Park Place, has a game plan including easy access to greenspace for breather breaks. Inside, it's a sports fan's dream with TVs in every nook and cranny. They're the go-to spot for Penn State and Seahawks fanatics.


Touchdown alert at HOBNOB Neighborhood Tavern! ! If you're into bourbon and NFL action, this is your end zone. Fine Kentucky spirits, delectable bites, and more TVs than you can shake a foam finger at – it's a football fiesta.


Local fave, The Bird, is where the burger game is strong, and the beer selection is a fan favorite. You'd be wise to make this your pregame and postgame watering hole.


Tin Lizzy's isn't your average Super Bowl shindig; it's a fiesta! Devour their legendary tacos and quesadillas while rallying your team to victory. They have plenty of screens to make sure you don’t miss a second of the game.


For a classic spot, The Duke takes the trophy. Our VP of Marketing, Mark Galvin, swears by the overstuffed couches and giant TVs. It's a bar so classic, you'll keep coming back like a relentless running back.


The Bird Sports Bar Cheering

Surprise contender – Red Pepper Taqueria! TVs everywhere, a sound system that roars like a crowd in overtime, and food that's nothing short of spectacular. Once you step into this arena, you'll keep coming back for their sports broadcasts.


Marlow's Tavern,  a local staple, has always been a Dunwoody fan favorite. Head over and feast on their shrimp and crab “nacho” plateE– a dish so good, it deserves its own victory dance.


Last but not least, The Dunwoody Tavern is the fail-safe option. Join the classic bar for a victory celebration – it's a guaranteed win!  Tavern wings and Philly spring rolls will keep your squad busy during the game. Join the vintage, classic bar for a victory celebration – it's a guaranteed win.


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