Discover Dunwoody is thrilled to bring you our latest video interview with Johann Weber, the Program Manager for the Perimeter Community Improvement District. Johann is a passionate collaborator and problem-solver who is dedicated to making communities better places to live, work, and spend time in. With a career centered on mobility, He has spent over a decade bringing together diverse partners to make a positive impact on commutes and livable spaces through data, community engagement, and relationship-building.

In this interview, Johann shares his insights on the core mission and purpose of the Perimeter Community Improvement District, a self-taxing district that works to enhance transportation infrastructure, increase mobility, and promote economic development in the area. He also answers the most pressing question on everyone's minds, when will I-285 finally be done? Johann provides an update on whether the project is on target and highlights the importance of the commute in making livable communities. He also shares some interesting facts, including the staggering number of cars that travel through the Perimeter area each day.

Join us as we explore the future of Perimeter with Johann Weber. Learn about the exciting plans that are in store and how they will enhance the Perimeter area for years to come. Don’t miss this exciting interview that sheds light on Perimeter CID's efforts to improve mobility, accessibility, and livability in the area. Thank you for tuning in to another video interview with Discover Dunwoody! 

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