Welcome back to another interview with Discover Dunwoody! We got to sit down with the one and only local celebrity, Billy Kramer, owner and founder of NFA Burger. Join us as we delve into the journey of a man who transitioned from a 25-year career in the shoe industry, radio, print, and digital media to pursue his true passion - burgers!

Learn how Billy’s first-ever NFA Burger popup in the spring of 2018 set the stage for a culinary adventure, with pop-ups at various hotspots like Battle and Brew in Sandy Springs, Galla's Pizza in Chamblee, Where’s the Scoop, Big Sky, and even the prestigious TOUR Championship.

The turning point came when destiny led Billy to a hidden gem—a cafe inside a Chevron gas station just three miles from his home. Discover how this chance encounter transformed into the only NFA Burger location that exists today.

Within its first two years of existence, NFA Burger received an impressive array of accolades, including "Best Burger in Georgia" by Food and Wine, "Best Burgers in America" by Thrillist, and "2021 Georgia's Favorite Burger" by Food Insider. And the list goes on!

However, Billy is clear about one thing—the best burger is the one YOU love the most. NFA Burger's mission is to ensure every customer leaves full and happy, open to feedback, and eager to improve. After all, there are 8+ billion unique taste preferences, and NFA aims to cater to them all!

From pacing out their process to creating their own custom smash burger smasher, Billy reveals the secrets behind their mouthwatering, award-winning Smashburgers. Consistency and quality are the cornerstones of NFA Burger's success, delivering juicy, flavorful burgers every time!

So, join us for this delightful conversation as we uncover the passion, dedication, and love that goes into each and every NFA Burger. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds and explore the story behind this iconic local celebrity—the one and only Billy Kramer!

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