Move over, Webster's. We've created the definitive dictionary for 2018 that's a must-read for Dunwoody locals and visitors. It's #DunwoodyDefined and it's below.

A is for Alon's,

the greatest bakery in the whole. wide. world. We're biased, but we swear it's true of this Dunwoody institution that opened in 1992. Freshly-baked pastries, delicious breakfast, grab and go lunches, and an eclectic mix of specialty products makes Alon's a daily stop for nearly all Dunwoody denizens.


B is for Butterfly Festival,

one of Dunwoody's signature events, where crowds gather in massive tents to witness the fluttering beauty of free-roaming butterflies. Mark your calendars: This year's event happens August 18, 2018.


C is for Caffeine and Octane.

It's the biggest car show in North America and it happens the first Sunday of every month in Dunwoody. It's such a big deal that there's even a TV show about it. Seeing is believing. Make it a full weekend and follow our epic speed itinerary for even more fun.

C & O Car Show

Live on Super Bowl Sunday AM

D is for Dunwoody Nature Center,

one of our favorite places to spend a day. Awesome for families and awesome for us because they have a Hammock Garden where we zen out by daydreaming about relaxing on a hammock.

E is for the Everything Will Be OK mural.

The Dunwoody landmark makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside every time we drive by it. No trip to Dunwoody is complete without stopping by the Spruill Gallery and seeing the simple yet profound statement in person.

F is for Fogo De Chao,

the famed Brazilian steakhouse chain arrived in Dunwoody in 2016 and serves all you can eat meat. Need we say more? Sorry, we can't. Our mouths are full of steak.

Fogo De Chao

This upscale Brazilian steakhouse specializes in all-you-can-eat meat carved...

G is for Girlfriends Getaways.

Women love us, what can we say? Dunwoody has become one of the Southeast's best places to spend a weekend with your besties. Watch our Dunwoody Darlings digital series and your squad will have a new goal: Visit Dunwoody.

H is for Hotels.

We have seven fine establishments that call Dunwoody home. With more hotels on the way, visitors will always find a room in Dunwoody, one of the most convenient, affordable places to stay when visiting the Atlanta-area.


Complete with bars and lounges

I is for International Hotels Group or IHG,

one of Dunwoody’s largest employers. Thanks to IHG and all our hotel partners for providing Dunwoody visitors with our special blend of Southern hospitality and comfort.

J is for Joey D’s Oak Room.

This Dunwoody power lunch hotspot features a six-tier showcase bar with more than 600 brands of spirits. Better make it a double.

K is for King George Tavern,

which brings Dunwoody some much-needed British cheer. Nestle into a cozy booth, grab a pint and admire King George’s antique stained glass and 18th-century style pendant lights.


L is for Lemonade Days.

The annual five-day festival draws thousands of folks to Dunwoody for carnival rides, amazing local food and, duh, delicious lemonade. This year’s festival runs April 18-22, 2018.

M is for McKendrick’s Steak House.

The rare New York-style steakhouse done right down South in Dunwoody features some of the most impressive cuts of meat in America. The 40’s style upscale vibe is a perfect place to bring a date or close a business deal. Or to just be the mysterious guy/girl at the bar eating alone. That’s cool, too. Be sure to dress to impress!

N is for Novo Cucina.

With a menu that features Italian pizza, handmade pasta, an impressive list of wines, and house-made gelatos, this place is sure to become your new favorite Italian restaurant. We’re equally obsessed with their swanky Italian mosaic floors, red chairs, and wooden tables.

Novo Cucina

At Novo Cucina, Italian culinary tradition marries innovative and relaxed dining.

O is for Outside Atlanta.

That’s where Dunwoody is located, just outside the South’s biggest city. We also have some of the best outdoors in the Southeast with 170 acres of public parks. Outside Atlanta. Get it? Works two ways. We just realized that.

P is for Perimeter Mall,

one of the Southeast’s biggest shrines to shopping. It’s got all the key staples like Nordstrom, Macy’s, J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, et al. Plus, it’s home to dozens of delicious restaurants including the newest apple of our eye, Shake Shack.

Q is for Quest, Treetop.

OK, maybe we’re cheating a bit with this, but Q is tough! Quest, Treetop (or Treetop Quest as it’s called by normal, well-adjusted people), is one of the best aerial adventure attractions in the state, filled with zip lines that soar 55 feet above the ground and stretch as far as a Matt Ryan pass (200 feet.)

Treetop Quest

Go on a high-flying, zip-lining adventure at Treetop Quest!

R is for Restaurants.

Sure, “restaurants” may be generic but we love to eat and we have so many amazing spots. Dunwoody’s palate gets refined every day as new ones open and bring new flavors to a city that is redefining southern cuisine. Read our date night series for some ideas on where to go.


Big meetings require big eats.

S is for Stage Door Players.

Dunwoody’s own professional theater company which has been delighting audiences since its inception in 1974. From Tony Award-winning musicals like Smokey Joe’s Café to Pulitzer Prize plays like Picnic, Stage Door Player’s eclectic programming and talented staff bring electricity and creativity to every performance.

T is for Trails.

We mentioned all the green space that’s Outside Atlanta, so let’s talk a little more about the trails around town. The best and biggest can be found at Brook Run Park, a two-mile loop that’s great for dogs and their humans. We’re a pretty popular destination for dogs too, FYI.

U is for Under the Pecan Tree,

the Dunwoody general store where you can find the perfect something for everyone. This quant Dunwoody gem features a friendly staff well-versed on the store’s many under the radar brands.

V is for Village Burger.

The Dunwoody burger joint serves thick milkshakes, fresh-cut fries, and duh, juicy burgers. It’s a legend in the area, a must do on everyone’s list. One bite and you’ll believe that burgers can change the world.

W is for Woodhouse Day Spa.

You might think with all the stuff to do in Dunwoody, we never relax. You’d be wrong. Woodhouse Day Spa is our sanctuary, a peaceful oasis with massages, facials, and even sleep treatments. Ah, tranquility.

X is for X-ing Geese.

So, yeah, X is impossible. We tried. (Please slow down for the notorious Dunwoody geese. They seriously love to jaywalk.)

Y is for Ye Olde Dunwoody Tavern.

This pub is practically royalty, featuring 16 different European beers with an emphasis on craft brews. Classic dishes like Bangers & Mash are standards, but British takes on American traditions are also on the menu. The Dublin Cheesesteak? Don’t mind if we Depardieu! (Editor’s note: Gerard Depardieu is a French actor.)

Z is for Zukerino Pastry Shop.

We started with pastries. We end with pastries. Normal day for us. This authentic Greek bakery famous for its cheesecake baklava is a perfect place to grab a sweet treat.

We defined Dunwoody. Now it’s your turn.

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