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We are thrilled to share our latest video interview featuring Jay Eibler, a distinguished sales and management professional and keynote speaker for training events in the Atlanta, Georgia, market. Jay is the founder and president of All In Selling LLC, a company dedicated to fostering an "All In" culture that drives consistent and predictable sales results. 

With an impressive career spanning over 25 years in sales and sales operations roles, Jay has made a significant impact in the industry. He previously served as the Vice President, Southeast Region for Volkswagen Credit, where he and his team secured some of the largest accounts in the company's history. Jay's extensive experience and success make him a remarkable source of knowledge and expertise.

A Journey from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship

In our engaging conversation, Jay delves into his transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. He shares valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of starting his own business and the lessons he has learned along the way. Jay's journey is a testament to his resilience and dedication, making him an inspiring figure for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Importance of Developing People in Sales

Jay emphasizes the critical role of developing people in the sales industry. He believes that nurturing talent and investing in professional growth are essential for achieving long-term success. His approach to sales training focuses on building a strong foundation of skills and fostering a supportive environment where individuals can thrive.

Parallels Between Sports and Sales

As an endurance sports enthusiast who has completed three Ironman triathlons, Jay draws intriguing parallels between sports and sales. He discusses the importance of discipline, commitment, and perseverance in both fields. Jay’s philosophy underscores the value of these qualities in achieving personal and professional success.

Valuable Advice and Practical Strategies

Throughout the interview, Jay offers valuable advice and practical strategies for business owners, sales leaders, and sales representatives across all industries. His insights are not only informative but also actionable, providing viewers with the tools they need to excel in their sales careers.

Join us as Jay dives deep into the world of sales, sharing his expertise and passion for creating a high-performing sales culture. This conversation is a must-watch for anyone looking to enhance their sales skills and achieve greater success in their careers.

Connect with Jay Eibler

To learn more about Jay Eibler and his work with All In Selling LLC, you can reach out to him via email at jay.eibler@sandler.com or visit his website at www.allinselling.sandler.com.

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