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In this episode, Discover Dunwoody sits down with the remarkable Chaya Goldberg, CO-CEO of Mitzvah House. From her journey to Dunwoody to the inspiring mission of Mitzvah House, Chaya shares stories and insights about making the world a better place through good deeds. Mitzvah House, led by Chaya and her husband, endeavors to make doing good accessible. They aim to create a culture of kindness and encourage everyone to contribute to building a wholesome, happy world. Chaya shares anecdotes of impactful good deeds, from delivering Shabbat packages to unique encounters in far-off places like New Zealand and Australia. Whether you’re a Dunwoody resident or part of the global audience, this interview resonates with the universal message that each individual has the power to make a positive impact. Chaya emphasizes the inclusivity of Mitzvah House, welcoming people from all backgrounds to join their events, volunteer, and spread kindness. Learn more about Mitzvah House’s upcoming projects, from bagel auctions to a big kitchen initiative, aiming to deliver love and support where it’s needed most. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on events, volunteer opportunities, and heartwarming stories that inspire positive change. Mitzvah House is making a difference, and Chaya Goldberg is at the helm of it all. 🙌
Let’s celebrate the spirit of community, kindness, and brightening the world. Watch the full interview and be inspired to embark on your journey of good deeds!
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