Dunwoody, a city with a rich history and a vibrant community, is gearing up for an exciting transformation in 2024. As the New Year unfolds, several key developments are set to redefine the landscape and enhance the overall quality of life for its Atlanta residents. From reimagined public spaces to innovative culinary experiences, let's explore the promising changes that await Dunwoody in the coming year.

Campus 244 and The Element Hotel

Campus 244 emerges as a pioneering hub where the convergence of restaurant, hotel, and office environments marks a cultural shift in design. This dynamic space is meticulously crafted to redefine the way we work, dine, and unwind. With a sprawling 380,000 square feet across five stories, Campus 244 is not merely a physical space but a testament to the transformative power of intentional design, shaping the future of work and lifestyle in Dunwoody. Additional highlights encompass the arrival of Dunwoody's 10th hotel, The Element, along with an array of new eateries, bars, and cafes.


Campus 244 Rendering

Park Place's Central Space Revitalization

For over four decades, Park Place has stood as a cherished landmark for fine dining in Dunwoody, and now it's poised for a remarkable transformation into a vibrant community space. Located within the bustling Central Perimeter District, Park Place is evolving into more than simply a shopping destination – it's becoming a peaceful respite, a recharge zone. Imagine a welcoming courtyard setting where children can engage in play, and the community can unite for various events. Covering an expansive 88,280 square feet of retail space, the courtyard renovation at Park Place is set for completion by January 2024. As the curtains rise on this new chapter, Park Place will continue serving as a beloved destination.


Park Place Rennovations

High Street's Culinary Delights and Entertainment

High Street stands as the epitome of Dunwoody's commitment to seamlessly blend the rich culture of Atlanta with an appreciation for open green spaces. High Street is set to offer a fusion of exceptional retail, fine dining, vibrant nightlife, and unique entertainment opportunities. Whether you're embarking on a day of shopping or seeking a memorable evening out on the town, High Street promises a spectacular backdrop. Among the anticipated arrivals are Puttshack, The Hampton Social, Agave Bandido, Cuddlefish, and Ben & Jerry’s, with the promise of more best-in-class concepts to be announced soon. The stage is set for High Street to become a dynamic destination, where the spirit of Atlanta converges with a world-class shopping and dining experience.


High Street Rendering

Politan Row: A Culinary Haven in Ashford Lane

Get ready to embark on a culinary journey at Politan Row, set to open its doors early this year at Ashford Lane. This eagerly awaited food hall is a testament to a vibrant mix of culinary innovation and community spirit. Featuring nine individual food stalls, each curated with precision, and Bar Politan, a craft-oriented neighborhood bar, the space is a gastronomic haven in the making. Politan Row proudly introduces some familiar, local culinary faces from Atlanta's notable talent pool, including Tandoori, Pretty Little Tacos, and Gekko Hibachi. These esteemed chefs will expand their original concepts into multi-unit operations, growing hand in hand with Politan's expansive vision. Joining the lineup are exciting newcomers such as 26 Thai, Smokehouse Q, and Sheesh, adding fresh flavors to the culinary landscape. Get ready to savor, sip, and celebrate at Politan Row.

Culinary Dropout's Debut at Ashford Lane

Prepare your taste buds for a culinary adventure at Culinary Dropout, where classic meals are reimagined and served just right. Indulge in pretzel bites paired with provolone fondue, succulent 36-hour pork ribs, and their famous fried chicken, perfectly drizzled with honey — each bite is a flavor sensation you won't want to miss. Culinary Dropout is more than simply a dining experience; it's a vibrant social hub where good food meets great company. Stick around after your meal for games, free live music, and an overall laid-back vibe that captures the essence of enjoying life's simple pleasures.

Assembly Atlanta: 12 Minutes from Set to Bed

Assembly Atlanta's economic impact on Dunwoody in 2024 is set to be transformative, benefiting the local community across various sectors. Situated only 12 minutes away, Dunwoody's 10 hotels are poised for increased occupancy as Assembly Atlanta draws production teams, talent, and visitors seeking convenient accommodations. The renowned Perimeter Mall, representing the city's shopping scene, is expected to experience heightened activity during downtime between film productions. The city's diverse restaurant scene becomes a draw for cast and crew, offering culinary delights for every palate.


Beyond hotels, shopping, and dining, Dunwoody's entertainment hubs, including Ashford Lane, Campus 244, and High Street, are primed for a boost, with an influx of daily workers from Assembly Atlanta exploring the city's offerings. The economic impact extends to job creation, with approximately 90% of Assembly Atlanta's daily workers expected to be local residents, providing stable employment and contributing to the broader community's prosperity within the film and entertainment industry. This cinematic expansion promises a positive and widespread contribution to Dunwoody's economic landscape.


Assembly Atlanta Sign

As Dunwoody strides confidently into 2024, the city's future looks brighter than ever. From the revitalization of Park Place to the expansion of Campus 244, Dunwoody is clearly evolving, thriving, and committed to providing its residents with a rich and fulfilling lifestyle. The coming year holds the promise of new opportunities, experiences, and a strengthened sense of community for the vibrant city of Dunwoody.


Happy New Year!