Welcome to another exciting episode of Discover Dunwoody Video Interviews! In this enlightening interview, we delve deep into the captivating world of Georgia’s film industry with industry insider Craig Miller. Discover how Georgia went from having just one soundstage to becoming a global film and television production powerhouse. 

Craig Miller, the Executive Producer at Craig Miller Productions and a pivotal figure in the growth of Georgia’s film industry, shares his journey into the world of film and television. He reveals intriguing stories from his 38 years in the industry, including his experiences during Hurricane Katrina.

Learn about the evolution of Georgia’s film industry, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a sought-after location for major productions. Craig Miller discusses the critical role of incentives, the impressive infrastructure development, and the education initiatives that have transformed the state into a film industry giant. 

Discover how to support Georgia’s film industry and keep the momentum going. Craig Miller provides valuable insights into why reaching out to legislators and sharing your positive experiences with the film industry is essential.

Don’t miss this eye-opening conversation that sheds light on Georgia’s incredible journey in the film industry. If you’re interested in the film world, Georgia’s history, or the impact of film incentives, this interview is a must-watch!

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📞 Contact Craig Miller Productions: 404-316-5346

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