The Way You Do The Things You Do

Hidden gems don't stay hiding in Dunwoody. When you visit Dunwoody, you're part of our community. So, don't be afraid to make friends. Or learn a new skill that you can take back home. You can do something once and it can stay with you forever.

Spruill Center for the Arts

An arts center that brings people together.

“All of our folks tell me it's the cheapest therapy in town." - Robert Kinsey, CEO of Spruill Center for the Arts

Dunwoody Nature Center

An escape from civilization, right in the city.

“It's a place to disconnect from the outside world and stop and breathe." - Connie Morelle

Angela Michael Skincare & Spa

Life-changing skincare, literally.

“Someone walks in the door, you know them by name and that really makes it feel like a family." - Mollie Dixon

Donaldson Bannister Farm

A beautiful city park with a side of history.

“This stayed true to itself. You drive by here and there were horses grazing in the was just so different from anything that was being built." - Kathy Florence