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In this segment, we dive deep into the heart of our community, engaging in insightful conversations with local personalities and businesses. Join us for an exclusive journey with Alan Mothner, the CEO of the Spruill Center for the Arts, as he leads us through the transformative Spruill expansion project.

About Spruill Center for the Arts:

For 45 years, the Spruill Center for the Arts has been a vital hub of creativity in Dunwoody. It has fostered social connections and nurtured artistic growth, becoming a cherished gem of our city. Alan Mothner shares an exciting perspective on the transformative expansion underway at Spruill.

Expansion Overview:

The $2.7 million investment in the Dunwoody Cultural Arts Center brings forth a significant expansion, adding over 7,000 square feet of space. This addition encompasses seven new art studios and a community room. The upper level introduces ceramics and multi-functional art rooms alongside a glass studio. The lower level welcomes a new blacksmithing and woodturning studio.

Community Impact:

The expansion caters to the burgeoning demand for art programs, evident from the 180+ students currently waitlisted for Spruill's classes. It promises not just added space but also opportunities in blacksmithing and glasswork, enhancing accessibility to artistic pursuits.

Future Offerings:

The new facilities aim to facilitate creativity, innovation, and inclusivity. Programs for underserved communities, scholarships, and community initiatives are part of the vision for the expanded Spruill Center for the Arts.

Transformation Ahead:

With the project set to conclude by year's end, the expansion marks a new era for Spruill. Discover how this growth will meet the needs of budding artists and enhance art accessibility for all in the community.

Connection and Community:

Spruill Center for the Arts embodies more than just art; it's a hub for connection, creativity, and community. Experience this remarkable transformation firsthand by visiting Spruill.


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