"Two years ago, upon joining the ranks of Discover Dunwoody, my attention was drawn to our distinctive logo. What initially appeared as a collection of random dots soon revealed itself to be a deliberate representation upon closer examination. Each dot, I discovered, symbolized the influx of individuals migrating from Atlanta to Dunwoody—a subtle yet profound nod to our geographical position." Mark Galvin, VP of Marketing at Discover Dunwoody.


Discover Dunwoody Logo and Colors

Situated in close proximity to Atlanta yet boasting its own unique identity, Dunwoody stands as a beacon of metropolitan allure. With our very own MARTA station and a thriving community, we offer residents and visitors alike a distinct blend of urban convenience and suburban charm—a concept encapsulated by our logo.


To further articulate this narrative, we embarked on a creative endeavor, crafting an animation that visually articulates the transition from Atlanta to Dunwoody. This captivating sequence serves as the introductory motif for all our video content, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of discovery with us. It is included at the top of this page.


The distinctiveness of our logo has not gone unnoticed, prompting us to pursue trademark protection. By safeguarding our emblem, we not only protect our brand integrity but also ensure its exclusivity in the marketplace. Our logo cannot be presented without the Trademark symbol.

PNG Files:

Discover Dunwoody Horizontal Logo    Discover Dunwoody.TM-BrandExtension_Primary_OneColor_RGB.PNG

TM-BrandExtension_HorizontalMark_RGB_PNG   Discover Dunwoody Approved Logo.TM-BrandExtension_HorizontalMark_OneColor_RGB.PNG

JPG Files:

Discover Dunwoody Approved Logo.Full Color.JPEG   Discover Dunwoody Stacked Logo JPEG

Discover Dunwoody.TM-BrandExtension_HorizontalMark_RGB.JPG   Discover Dunwoody Approved Logo.TM-BrandExtension_HorizontalMark_OneColor_RGB.JPG

Reverse PNG Files:

Discover Dunwoody Approved.TM-BrandExtension_Primary_2ColorReverse_RGB.PNG   Discover Dunwoody Approved.TM-BrandExtension_HorizontalMark_2ColorReverse_RGB.PNG

Moreover, as proponents of collaborative partnerships, we recognize the importance of facilitating ease of use for our stakeholders. Thus, we are pleased to provide transparent and opaque versions of our logo, empowering businesses to align with our brand seamlessly.


In our commitment to driving tourism and bolstering community engagement, Discover Dunwoody proudly sponsors various initiatives throughout the region. As such, we invite our partners to leverage our logo in their promotional endeavors, confident in its ability to resonate with audiences far and wide.


For a closer look at our logos and to explore our captivating animation, visit our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/@discoverdunwoody. Join us as we unveil the essence of Dunwoody—one dot at a time.

Need a logo for your site? Email us at info@discoverdunwoody.com and we will share a logo that works best for your site.