Join us for an engaging interview with Discover Dunwoody as we sit down with Catherine Lautenbacher, a remarkable guest with a wealth of experience and a deep connection to our community. 

As a former member of the board of Discover Dunwoody, Catherine shares her insights into the business community and the value of the hotels in the area. Discover how Catherine transitioned from the board to become a councilperson with the City of Dunwoody City Council, dedicating herself to serving the community for the past year and a half. Hear about her journey, the importance of personal connection in local government, and the representation she offers to the residents. She was elected to the Dunwoody City Council’s District 1 Post in November 2021. She continues to work as the Program Director for Leadership Perimeter, teaching community leaders to foster more involved and effective residents. 

Catherine shares her fascinating background as an Air Force Intelligence Officer, where she worked closely with transport and cargo planes, participating in missions across various regions. Her experience in the military and growing up in a Navy family gave her a unique perspective and an understanding of the significance of service.

Having moved to Dunwoody in 2000, Catherine quickly became actively involved in the community, serving on the board of the Community Assistance Center, the Dunwoody Nature Center, Mill Glen Swim and Tennis. She emphasizes the importance of nonprofit service and highlights the opportunities for personal growth and contribution to the community.

Catherine explains that the city council’s role is to take a strategic view of the city, addressing emergency service response times, park planning, and overall city development. While the council’s work involves planning and occasionally updating codes, it goes beyond simply passing laws, emphasizing the importance of strategic decision-making and advocacy.

Learn about the community’s vision for a comprehensive trail system and its potential connections to Atlanta’s BeltLine. Discover how these trail initiatives contribute to the city’s growth and enhance recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Join Discover Dunwoody for this captivating interview and get inspired by Catherine Lautenbacher’s journey, her dedication to community service, and her commitment to shaping a vibrant Dunwoody for all. Don’t miss this insightful interview!

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