NFA Burger is Dunwoody's local treasure. Dunwoody local, owner, and founder of NFA Burger, Billy Kramer started this joint as a popup and later found its home in the Chevron gas station in Dunwoody Village in 2019. Don’t let the location fool you...these burgers have created such a buzz in the community and burger world that they have been voted Best Burger in Georgia by Food and Wine and have received many other accolades.

We decided to ask Billy Kramer what his tips are for making the best burger at home!

According to Kramer, “The best burger in the world is the burger you think is the best burger. Not the burger someone else thinks is the best burger.”

Many in Dunwoody consider NFA's burger THE BEST BURGER. So what is the secret Billy? He revealed all his secrets! See how Kramer makes the best burger in town:

Kramer shared, "Fat is flavor. With that in mind, I always use meat with a high fat content...usually 75/25 ground beef.

  1. Pre-form your patties and make an indentation with your thumb. This will keep the burger from balling up.

  2. Place the patties in the fridge until you're ready to cook. You want your patties to be cold so that as little fat as possible renders as they are placed on the skillet.

  3. I prefer to cook on a Lodge cast iron skillet. It provides a ton of flexibility since it can be used over most if not all heating surfaces.

  4. Oil the skillet. Use an oil with a high smoke point. I buy grapeseed oil from Costco, but just Google oils with high smoke points and you should be able to find one that works.

  5. To get a perfect sear you need to achieve the Maillard reaction which requires the cooking surface to be north of 350 degrees. The temp will drop when you place the burgers on the skillet, so heat the grill and wait until the skillet hits 425. I have a temp gun, but a simple trick is to take some water and sprinkle some on the skillet. If the water balls up and rolls around, the temp should be just right. Combined with your high smoke point oil and you are ready to cook.

  6. Place the patties on the skillet. Cook for 3-4 minutes or until the patty releases from the grill. Then flip.  Only flip once and never press down unless you're making a smashed burger. At that point, you only press down once and within the first 30 seconds of placing on the skillet.

  7. I like a perfectly cooked burger, so instead of guessing, I use a meat thermometer. Pull the patties 5 degrees below your desired temp and let rest for several minutes. If making a cheeseburger, place the cheese on the patty about a minute before reaching your desired temp.

  8. Prepare your bun to your liking with toppings that make you happy. Whatever bun you choose, make sure it can support the burger you choose to cook. If you're talking about your bun at the end of the meal, you more than likely did something wrong.

  9. Plate and eat!"

Thanks Billy! Even though you revealed the big secret, we will still come see you because you really know how to make a terrific burger.