Are you tired of the stress and hassle of planning your travel? 

Look no further than Lola Coker-Oni, the CEO and Principal Concierge of Cosmopolitan Empire, a top-tier travel concierge group that focuses on Luxury travels, accommodations, and every bespoke request in between.

In this informative interview, Lola shares her expertise and insider knowledge on the world of travel concierge services. From defining what a travel concierge is to outlining the services they provide, Lola breaks it all down. 

She also recommends three must-visit destinations, including Italy, Bali, and Egypt. Lola emphasizes the importance of considering accommodation, destination, and purpose when planning a trip, and how a travel concierge can make all the difference. Also find out what she thinks of Dunwoody as a destination!

Join Discover Dunwoody, as we sit down with Lola, a true expert in the hospitality industry with over two decades of experience. Don't miss out on Lola's invaluable tips and recommendations for transforming your travel experience! 

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