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Uncover the vibrant tapestry of music, entrepreneurship, and live performances in Dunwoody with the incredible Michael Magno! 🌟 Join us for a captivating interview with the Atlanta-based music professional, songwriter, and entrepreneur, boasting over 30 years of experience in live performance, tour management, and live music programming.
From Michael’s weekly residency at Le Meridien to his innovative approach to engaging audiences through decade roulette, discover the unique blend of passion and creativity that sets Michael apart in the music scene. Catch Michael at Le Méridien Atlanta Perimeter on Mondays and Tuesdays from 5–10 PM, where he delivers captivating performances in the lobby. He not only entertains but also curates an exceptional musical experience for guests.
Explore the art of songwriting and the profound connection between performer and audience as Michael shares his personal experiences and insights. But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Get an exclusive sneak peek into Michael’s upcoming EP and learn about his groundbreaking new venture, Mix Music Group, poised to revolutionize live music services for communities and hospitality brands alike.
Experience the magic of Michael Magno’s music firsthand with a special preview of his song "Falling Down," leaving you craving more of his infectious melodies and soulful performances.
Whether you’re an aspiring musician, a budding entrepreneur, or someone simply curious about the world of music, Michael Magno’s journey offers valuable insights, advice, and inspiration. Tune in for a compelling conversation that transcends genres and resonates with the universal language of music. Don’t miss out on this captivating journey into the heart of music and creativity. Hit play now and join us in celebrating the incredible talent of Michael Magno! 🌟 🎶✨
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