Dunwoody loves its coffee shops. The city has become a hidden gem for those seeking a perfect blend of Southern hospitality, metro amenities, and caffeine delights. The mission of Discover Dunwoody is simple yet powerful: to encourage people to dine, sip, play, and stay in this vibrant community. Below, check out seven of Dunwoody's cozy coffee spots, where warmth meets flavor and each cup tells a unique story.


1. Paris Baguette 

Begin your local coffee adventure at Paris Baguette, where the aroma of freshly baked pastries and the rich scent of coffee beans create a welcoming atmosphere. This Korean-inspired bakery and cafe boast a delightful array of coffee options, from the classic Americano to the indulgent caramel macchiato. Pair your brew with a flaky croissant or a decadent slice of cake for a truly satisfying experience. 


Coffee at Paris Baguette

2. Ark Coffeehaus 

At Ark Coffeehaus, they redefine the typical coffee experience by blending hospitality, local sourcing, regenerative practices, and darn good coffee into a singular, exceptional offering. They take pride in sourcing ingredients from local farms, rejecting seed oils, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and coloring, crafting their menu items in-house daily for the utmost quality. Ark Coffeehaus is not only a destination for superb brews but a haven where the art of coffee meets the warmth of genuine hospitality.


Ark Coffehaus Drinks Holiday

3. Crema Espresso Gourmet 

Step into a realm of Italian-inspired coffee at Crema Espresso Gourmet. Their skilled baristas are dedicated to perfecting each cup, be it a velvety cappuccino or a robust shot of espresso. The inviting ambiance radiates warmth, offering a tranquil escape and making it an ideal choice for those in search of a fresh hangout spot in Dunwoody. Whether you seek a new workspace or a place to gather with friends, this welcoming space caters to all, inviting you to unwind and enjoy the artistry of exceptional coffee in a comfortable setting.


Breakfast at Crema

4. Cafe Intermezzo 

As an iconic destination for coffee enthusiasts, Cafe Intermezzo transports patrons to an European-style coffeehouse. The extensive menu features an impressive selection of coffee and tea options, each accompanied by a touch of elegance. Take a seat in the plush surroundings and indulge in a leisurely coffee experience, complete with delectable pastries and desserts.


Cafe Intermezzo

5. J. Christopher's 

For a taste of Southern hospitality paired with a fantastic cup of coffee, J. Christopher's is the perfect stop. This family-friendly restaurant and coffeehouse offer a diverse menu, catering to all tastes. Whether you prefer a classic drip coffee or a flavored latte, J. Christopher's ensures a warm and friendly vibe to start your day on a high note.


J. Christopher's

6. Valor 

Step into Valor, and you'll discover a vibrant, on-trend atmosphere that reflects the spirit of the community. Their café is designed to be more than simply a coffee stop; it's a lively space adorned with colorful accents and exuding an energetic vibe to “uplift people through coffee.” Experience the seasons with their active rotation of specialty beverages and bites, showcasing the latest trends in the coffee and culinary world. Valor takes pride in roasting its own coffee, ensuring that each cup embodies the dedication and expertise their team brings to the craft. At Valor in Dunwoody, it's not only about coffee; it's a celebration of flavors, trends, and a vibrant community spirit.


Valor Coffee Fall Flavors

7. Parkwoods at Crowne Plaza Ravinia Hotel 

No coffee lover should skip a visit to Parkwoods, located within the Crowne Plaza Ravinia Hotel. This upscale establishment boasts an expansive coffee selection in a chic setting. Did you know that everyone is welcome to dine at hotels? Elevate your morning coffee routine at Parkwoods, where you can enjoy the tranquil ambiance and upscale surroundings. Opt for a quick caffeine fix or indulge in a leisurely coffee experience while basking in the refined atmosphere. For a change of pace, venture outside to Backyard at Parkwoods and relish a serene forested view, surrounded by calming water features.


Crowne Plaza Ravinia Parkwoods Coffee

Dunwoody's coffee scene is a testament to the city's commitment to providing diverse and memorable experiences for its residents and visitors alike. From the rustic charm of Ark Coffeehaus to the European-inspired elegance of Cafe Intermezzo, each coffee spot in Dunwoody contributes to the unique tapestry of this community. Whether you're a local or a traveler passing through, make sure to savor the rich flavors and inviting atmospheres of these cozy coffee havens. After all, Discover Dunwoody invites you to not just sip, but to truly experience the heart and soul of this vibrant city through its coffee culture.


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