Step into the heart of Dunamis Woman Enterprises in this exclusive Dunwoody Dialogues episode, filmed live at the Marriott Atlanta Perimeter Center during the Dunamis Woman retreat. Mark Galvin sits down with the dynamic duo, Pastor Dee, and Ariel Fuller, for an inspiring conversation.

Journey with us into the essence of Dunamis Woman, a faith-based women’s community. Pastor Dee, a seasoned clinical therapist and spiritual guide, unveils the significance of Dunamis Coaching Institute (DCI), a platform designed to coach and guide women through life’s intricate dynamics.
With a staggering 95,000 members globally, Dunamis Woman is more than a community; it’s a movement. Join us in the midst of over 200 women gathered from every corner of the world for a weekend of transformation in Dunwoody.
Delve into the extraordinary collaboration between Pastor Dee and Ariel Fuller, a powerful mother-daughter team. Gain insights into their unique relationship, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the beauty of working together to empower women.
Pastor Dee emphasizes the paramount role of emotional healing in their mission and legacy-building. Discover how the Dunamis Woman community goes beyond borders, touching lives with profound personal growth and transformation.
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