As the sweltering heat of summer blankets the city, Le Meridien Hotel transported guests and event planners to a winter wonderland with their FREE "Christmas in July" event on July 28, 2023. This innovative celebration captivated guests with a perfect blend of festive decorations, delectable food and beverage offerings, impeccable service, and an enchanting atmosphere that left everyone in high spirits. The Le Meridien staff in Dunwoody sure know how to throw a party, creating an unforgettable experience for all guests with their exceptional hospitality and vibrant celebrations.


Christmas in July Le Meridien Centerpiece Le Meridien Dessert Christmas in July

The Ultimate Christmas Feast 

Le Meridien Hotel's Christmas in July event tantalized taste buds with an extravagant feast that rivaled any traditional holiday meal. The culinary team masterfully crafted a buffet menu that included a fusion of winter classics and summery delights. From rich, savory roasts to fresh seafood crab cakes, guests embarked on a culinary journey that satisfied every palate.


The traditional holiday fare and innovative culinary delights were crafted by Le Meridien's talented chefs. The imaginative combination of flavors ensured that guests experienced the best of both worlds while embracing the spirit of the season.


Food at Le MeridienHoliday Craft Cocktails

The holiday cheer flowed abundantly at the Christmas in July event with a thoughtfully curated selection of beverages. The hotel's skilled mixologists created custom cocktails inspired by Christmas classic flavors and movies. Guests also indulged in seasonal brews, craft beers, and iconic summer cocktails.


Whether you’re partial to the cozy cinnamon spice drinks of Christmas or bright fruity notes of Summer, Le Meridien had everyone toasting to the magical blend of seasons.


Le Meridien Christmas in July Drink

Service Fit for Royalty

Le Meridien Hotel takes pride in its reputation for exceptional service, and this shined through during the Christmas in July event. The staff members were decked out in festive attire, and their warm smiles and attentive demeanor added to the overall charm of the celebration.


From the moment guests arrived until the time they bid adieu, every need was anticipated and met with grace and efficiency. The staff's genuine enthusiasm for the event was infectious, creating an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality that resonated with each individual.


Le Meridien Bartender Holiday Event

Immersed in the Yuletide Spirit

The atmosphere at Le Meridien's Christmas in July event was nothing short of magical. The hotel's ballroom was adorned with twinkling lights, sparkly presents, and Christmas trees, evoking the charm of a traditional winter Christmas. Despite the summer heat outside, the atmosphere transported us all to a winter wonderland.


As the evening progressed and the festivities reached their peak, the event's charismatic emcee gathered everyone on the dance floor to end the night on a high note. The dance floor became a lively stage where guests came together to revel in the extravagant event Le Meridien put on. The energy was contagious as people of all ages, from the young to the young at heart, showed off their dance moves and created lasting memories. As the event concluded, guests departed with hearts full of warmth, knowing they had experienced a Christmas in July like no other, thanks to Le Meridien Hotel's unforgettable celebration.


Le Meridien Ballroom People Dancing

The Spirit of Giving

The gift of giving was alive and well at Le Meridien Hotel's Christmas in July event, as guests were treated to numerous giveaways. Throughout the evening, lucky attendees had the chance to win enticing prizes, including multiple weekend stays at the luxurious hotel and generous hotel reward points that can be redeemed for future getaways. These giveaways added an extra element of excitement and anticipation, spreading even more joy among the guests.


Le Meridien Gifts


Le Meridien Hotel's Christmas in July event was a testament to their team’s exceptional ability to throw a spectacular party. By blending the charm of Christmas with the vibrancy of summer, the hotel created a unique experience that left guests with cherished memories. From the delectable fusion of festive flavors to the warm and attentive service, this event encapsulated the essence of celebration and joy.


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