Choose Your Own Dunwoody Adventure

When we suggest for you to #DiscoverDunwoody, we're really telling you to choose your own adventure. Dunwoody offers something for everyone: the foodies, the shoppers, the outdoorsy-types. Yes, they all sound fun (and they are.) While we certainly encourage you to try each adventure at least once, what we can't do is tell you which one to choose first. See a glimpse of each adventure below, then make your choice. It may be a tough decision, but it won't be the wrong one.

The Eat It Up Adventure

The best bakery around Atlanta. A New York-style steakhouse that draws A-listers. Burgers on burgers. We'll have a glass of wine with that. With what? All of it. Eating in Dunwoody is a joy. Pick this adventure if you value long, slow meals with talkative friends.

Shopping Romp Adventure

That mall. You know the one. Perimeter Mall. It's the beast of the Southeast with stores like Von Maur, Michael Kors, and Anthropologie. In Dunwoody Village, a slew of local stores feature eclectic gifts and styles. Choose this adventure if you're a true believer that style and substance go hand in hand (and both of those hands are carrying shopping bags.)

Outside Is In Adventure

Exciting. Uplifting. Sprawling. No, that's not us describing your grandmother's secret brownie recipe. It's words for Dunwoody's outdoor activities, featuring the greenest parks and heights soaring high above the city. This is the adventure for those who crave fresh air and adrenaline rushes.


Go Explore

We're dying to now which adventure you chose. Show and tell us using #DiscoverDunwoody and you just might see your super cool photos on this page.