These Girls Are On Fire

Girls just want to have fun? That's a start. They just want to have accessible arts programs for kids. They want better public transportation. They want to take an RV trip across the country. They want a good glass of red wine. A woman's spirit can't fit in a song or a box or in an introduction to an article about women. A city can't contain it. But a city can celebrate it. Dunwoody does. We have shopping, wine, spas - everything you'd imagine women love. And they do. It's about more than shopping bags and facials, though. It's about our own women, the ones who live here, who make our city beautiful. They are darlings, sure. But they are also daring. They direct plays, they report the news, they run businesses, they run our city. We interviewed a few of these women in the videos below. They'll be the first to tell you they love shopping and a day at the spa, and that the best place to do it is in Dunwoody. Then they'll tell you why they chose to live here, where a girl's spirit can fill our city to the brim and overflow. Where a girl can have fun.  


Pam Tallmadge

Pam is a previous member of the Dunwoody City Council and was raised in Dunwoody. She's the type of person who can coordinate an entire parade. She sings. She leads initiatives that make our city better. And her laugh is highly contagious.

"We have gift stores and restaurants that are owned by moms and dads. They know you. You sit down and you don’t even have to tell them what your favorite beverage is -  they bring it.” - Pam Tallmadge


Meredy Shortal

She's got style, and an incredible smile. She's also got a flair for the arts, volunteering regularly at Stage Door Theatre. She's simply sensational.

"Travel is so important because you see outside yourself, outside your community, and I think it makes you really appreciate what you have at home." - Jennifer Boettcher



Jennifer Boettcher

If you live in Dunwoody, you may recognize Jennifer from the 11 Alive News and the City of Dunwoody. She's the one who makes you feel like you're just having a pleasant conversation with a good friend. She volunteers, she hangs out at the Dunwoody Nature Center with her two boys, she's our hero.


Audra Anders

If Dunwoody had a heat map, Audra would be the brightest spot on it. She knows everybody and everything happening in our city. She also has some great advice for aspiring young writers.

“If Dunwoody were a book, what would it be called? Small Town in a Big City.” - Audra Anders


Khyshan Perlman

Khyshan knows the best ways to unwind in Dunwoody. One involves the spa she owns. The other involves geese.


Lynn Deutsch

Lynn, or Madam Mayor as we like to call her, has big dreams for Dunwoody's future and we have every reason to believe they'll come true. She rescued her dog from a frat house, so she can do anything, right? 


These Guys Are Too



Rose & Jason Chambers

Rose and Jason are the definition of relationship goals. Rose is an executive at Cox Communications, which is headquartered near Dunwoody. She and Jason spend time volunteering at Spruill Center for the Arts and making their own art. She does photography. He paints dog portraits. She's the macaroni to his cheese, and together they can accomplish anything.


Searching for Seacrest

Many don't know that Ryan Seacrest was once charming ladies in the halls of Dunwoody High School. So we asked our Dunwoody women if they've ever had the pleasure of meeting Ryan. Spoiler: they haven't, but we quickly realized everyone in Dunwoody is a mere few degrees away from being best friends with our personal Dunwoody Idol.