Welcome to another engaging interview at Discover Dunwoody! In this episode, we sat down with Rachel Waldron, the dynamic face for the City of Dunwoody's Parks and Recreation – yes, just like the iconic TV show!

Rachel’s role as the Recreation Program Manager is instrumental in crafting Dunwoody’s vibrant community events, activities, and programs. With an unmatched passion for event planning and a keen eye for detail, Rachel takes us behind the scenes of the memorable experiences that Dunwoody has to offer. Much like the beloved show “Parks and Rec,” Rachel brings her creativity and dedication to enhancing Dunwoody’s community spirit.

Discover Dunwoody is all about bringing you the best insights from local experts, and Rachel is no exception. With her extensive experience dating back to 2014, she shares her journey in transforming Dunwoody’s event landscape. From overseeing events and social media to collaborating with the community, Rachel’s passion for creating memorable experiences shines through.

In this conversation, you’ll learn about some of Dunwoody’s most beloved events, like “Kids to Parks Day," which encourages families and children to embrace the outdoors. Rachel’s dedication to fostering community connections and providing unforgettable moments is truly inspiring.

To stay updated on Dunwoody’s exciting events and programs, visit www.dunwoodyga.gov/parks and follow Dunwoody Parks and Rec on Facebook and Instagram (@DunwoodyParksRec).

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