Dunwoody is a bustling suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, and home to many successful female business owners. As the city continues to grow, more women entrepreneurs are finding success and inspiring others with their ambition and determination. From unique boutiques to popular restaurants, these female business owners are contributing to the growth of the region and providing great experiences for the locals.


Under the Pecan Tree  NOVO building


Female business owners face unique challenges that come with running a business. From dealing with the fear of failure to managing perceptions of business acumen, female entrepreneurs face several obstacles on their way to success. We had the privilege of speaking with two female business owners in Dunwoody about their experiences operating a business. Here’s what Elizabeth Morris from Enchanted Forest and Avada Thomas from A January Love had to say regarding their biggest obstacles as female business owners.


“I think the biggest challenge is being taken seriously. Often people assume that female business owners are just fulfilling a hobby or not serious about being a business owner. Another challenge is balancing your professional and personal life, especially when you have young children and are trying to grow your business. It's hard to give both the attention they need at times and be fully present in both relationships. The final challenge that comes to mind is finding funding or investors who believe in you and your ability to succeed.”-Elizabeth Morris


“As a female entrepreneur I would say the hardest thing for me is work-life balance. I still have three active children at home, I am married, and very involved with my extended family. I would also say self-doubt is a challenge. I struggle with feeling that I'm not giving enough or know enough to run and grow my business.” -Avada Thomas


Female business owners often struggle to maintain a work-life balance due to the overwhelming demands of running a business and familial responsibilities. Despite any challenges, these strong Dunwoody women are making their mark on the map of our city.    


Now with all the obstacles of maintaining a successful business, how did these women decide that Dunwoody was the perfect home for their business?


Relocating to Dunwoody


“We opened our business in Dunwoody in 2009 as we saw an opportunity to add to the retail options in a small community where friends and family lived. Dunwoody has been amazing to us, and our customers are very committed to supporting small, local businesses. We are currently embarking on an expansion to our original space to serve our customers better and add to the amazing lines we currently represent.” -Elizabeth Morris


“Prior to purchasing my boutique, I was a homeschooling mom for 10 years. After the pandemic, my younger children requested to be enrolled in school. Now that my children were no longer fully dependent upon me, I knew that I needed to find something to fill my time. Sadly, in 2020 my father passed away, naming me solely as his beneficiary. I used the money I received as an initial investment in buying inventory for my boutique. Therefore, in his honor I named the boutique A January Love, which is his birth month and my maiden name.”-Avada Thomas


A January Love Children Boutique  A January Love Children's Boutique


Dunwoody is a prime example of how female business owners can be successful and make a real impact on the local economy. Whether you’ve lived in Dunwoody for decades or you’re a newcomer, this city will back your business. Shop local and support the women that are helping Dunwoody become a destination for female entrepreneurs.


Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is located in the Dunwoody Hall shopping center. Great home décor, unique gifts, and friendly attentive staff await your visit. The store has a fresh, clean aroma and seasonally changing products. The owner of this family-owned shop takes special care in stocking items that are not only useful but also charming. 

A January Love

A January Love is a black female-owned childrens boutique offering high-quality and stylish clothing for the modern family. You can find them across the street from Enchanted Forest over at the Village. Founded in 2022, A January Love is committed to providing the latest trends and styles that are both comfortable and fashionable. They also carry a wide range of toys, books, and art supplies to keep any little one entertained. A January Love is dedicated to providing parents and caregivers with quality products that are sure to make both children and adults happy.


A January Love Children's Boutique  A January Love


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