In life, there are two very important people that you lean on to help you get through your day. These incredible humans know you, your preferences, and your likes and dislikes; one might say that they know you better than you know yourself. We aren’t talking about your spouse or best friends; we are referencing your favorite Barista and Brewmaster.

Every day, you see these hard workers delivering smiles and pouring their personality and expertise into every drop. These are the people and the places that give you that much-needed liquid courage for your morning presentation or for that a first date. And in Dunwoody, the opportunities are overflowing with places for that pick-me-up and pint… and of course smiling faces.

Crema Coffee with Chocolate


Get Caffeinated.

Whether starting your day with a cappuccino, macchiato, or just a traditional cup of Joe, 101 Bagel Cafe provides quick service to even the sleepiest of souls. Order at the counter and within minutes, you’re well on your way to productivity. For those looking for a traditional coffee house atmosphere, Créma Espresso Gourmet is it. An extensive menu of drinks and pastries, in addition to a quaint setting, offers a storybook portrayal for enjoying that ever-so-important caffeine concoction. And for those looking to venture outside of the typical, we encourage a visit to a coffee destination with a little flare. Café Intermezzo’s beverage book boasts hundreds of options to choose from, whether looking for something simple or with a kick, pick your poison at Dunwoody’s enchanting European coffeehouse.


Thirsty (and hungry) for more?

Scroll through the following recommendations for additional suggestions on pairing a delicious meal with a caffeine kick.

Iron Hill Beer


The Pursuit of Hoppiness.

When the workday is done and it’s time to play, a crisp cold beer is the perfect way to cheers to another successful day. Metro Atlanta’s brewery and beer scene is busting at the seams and ATL-iens are hoppy about its continued growth. Whether you’re a craft beer drinker or prefer domestics, Dunwoody offers several places to grab a pint.

It’s no longer a secret, Dunwoody is FUNwoody and Bar{n} is living up to their coined phrase. Choose from several delicious drinks or grab that golden ale you crave while enjoying an exciting game of cornhole. Small bites offer the perfect pairing for your drink of choice while you socialize and sip the afternoon away. Offering something for everyone, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Bar... {n}.  For that familiar feeling and cozy environment, we suggest Moondog Growlers. Be prepared to shake paws with some new furry friends and meet other pint drinkers and dog lovers. A great selection of beer will offer you the opportunity to sample a few and take your favorite home, ensuring that your tail is wagging long after you leave. For beer lovers looking for a traditional brewery environment, we encourage a visit to Iron Hill Brewery. Featuring seasonal brews and local flavors, choosing one may be a challenge. Luckily for those of us that are indecisive, Iron Hill offers a beer sampler so you can sip, sip, hooray!


Lingering Longer?

Can't get enough? Grab a bite with your brew and crew. We suggest the following places that are sure to hit the spot:

Bar Peri with People


Best of Both Brews.

While visiting, you may feel lost without your go-to-guide for all things coffee and beer. Don't fret because Dunwoody experts await and are ready to provide that southern HOP-itality that you crave. Go worry-free while visiting, knowing that your home-away-from-home offers the best of both worlds for coffee and beer lovers. Dunwoody hotels are here to help you succeed with your morning cup and afternoon glass. Scroll through and sip for yourself.

In Dunwoody, we believe that you can be the master of your own destiny but sometimes, you just need a little help from your friends: coffee and beer. Whether you’re looking for freshly ground or freshly brewed, Dunwoody is you new BREW-ista destination.

PorterQ Beer