Discover Dunwoody extends a warm invitation to experience the enchantment of Hanukkah at The Dunwoody Chanukah Festival, a celebration that goes beyond lights and festivities, emphasizing unity and support for our Jewish community. From the mesmerizing menorah display at The Village to the vibrant events at Ashford Lane, Dunwoody is your destination for a holiday season filled with cultural exchange and community connection.


Menorah at The Shops of Dunwoody: A Beacon of Unity

Throughout the season, The Village in Dunwoody is adorned with the glow of the Hanukkah menorah, standing as a symbol of unity. This beautiful display radiates warmth and joy, inviting all passersby to embrace the holiday spirit. Take a leisurely stroll through The Village, appreciating the symbolic illumination that brings our community together during this festive time. The displays will be up through the end of December.


Light Up Dunwoody Menorah 2022

The Dunwoody Chanukah Festival at Ashford Lane

On Sunday, December 10, 2023, at 5:30pm, join us on The Lawn at Ashford Lane for a Hanukkah celebration that transcends cultural boundaries. This event promises an unforgettable evening filled with laughter, light, and the rich tapestry of our diverse community. Enjoy festive treats, music with Rabbi G, and a live performance that will draw in people of all ages.


Ashford Lane Chanukah Festival Hanukkah 2023

Fire Truck Gelt Drop

Kick off the festivities with a dazzling display as thousands of gelt coins rain down from the firetruck ladder. This breathtaking moment signifies the start of a night filled with joy, tradition, and community support.

Falafel Stand

Indulge your taste buds with delicious falafel and other delectable treats from our food vendors, highlighting the rich culinary traditions of the Jewish community.

Face Painting

Engage in festive face painting for kids of all ages, promoting cultural understanding and creating memorable experiences for everyone involved.

Songs with Rabbi G

Join Rabbi G in a heartwarming sing-along of Chanukah tunes, fostering a sense of togetherness and appreciation for the cultural richness within our community.

Live Show

Be entertained by an exciting live performance suitable for audiences of all ages, showcasing the diversity and talent present in our community.

Chanukah Mocktails

Sip on delightful, non-alcoholic mocktails crafted to add extra cheer to your evening, providing an opportunity to experience the flavors of Jewish traditions.

Delicious Donuts

Feast on scrumptious, freshly made donuts, a sweet tradition that brings people together to celebrate the joy of Hanukkah.


Kids can jump and play in our inflatable wonderland, and there's much more fun in store for the entire family, reinforcing the inclusive nature of the event.


Hanukkah Stock Photo

Discovering the Mitzvah House

Nestled at the heart of Dunwoody, the Mitzvah House stands as a dynamic community center, enriching the lives of residents through educational programs, social events, and heartfelt holiday celebrations. Beyond being a place of learning, the Mitzvah House provides pastoral care and counseling services, fostering a sense of unity and support within the community. As the Festival of Lights approaches, the Mitzvah House becomes a beacon of festive spirit, embodying the essence of Hanukkah and serving as a gathering place for neighbors to come together.

In anticipation of Hanukkah 2023, the Mitzvah House has curated a series of enchanting events that embody the holiday's traditions and communal spirit. Families are invited to a free Kids Menorah Workshop at Ace Hardware, allowing children to craft their own menorahs and connect with the festive traditions.


Dunwoody Village will come alive with the glow of multiple menorahs during a grand Menorah Lighting ceremony, symbolizing unity and shared joy. The celebration crescendos at Brook Run Park with a Klezmer Concert and Food Extravaganza, featuring lively music and a delectable spread of hot soup, latkes, babka, and donuts. Each event promises to weave a tapestry of community, culture, and celebration at the Mitzvah House, ensuring that Hanukkah in Dunwoody is a time of togetherness and cherished memories.


Hanukkah 2023 Menorah Lighting

Supporting Our Community

This celebration is not only a display of joy but also an opportunity to stand in support with our Jewish neighbors. Learn about the cultural significance of Hanukkah, support local businesses, and strengthen the bonds that make Dunwoody a diverse and vibrant community.


Mark your calendar and bring your friends and family to The Dunwoody Chanukah Festival for an evening of joy, unity, and cultural celebration. This event is open to the entire public, offering a chance to learn about and appreciate a different culture. Illuminate the season with the spirit of Hanukkah in Dunwoody! 🕎✨


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