Welcome to Discover Dunwoody, where each year brings forth an array of exciting adventures waiting to be explored. As 2023 draws to a close, it's time to set our sights on the coming year and embark on a thrilling journey through the heart of Dunwoody. Join us as we unveil the ultimate bucket list for 2024, showcasing 24 handpicked experiences that encapsulate the essence and spirit of this vibrant city. 


  1. Craft Fresh Pasta at Grana: Dive into the art of pasta making at Grana, where flour becomes your canvas, and every dish tells a flavorful story.  

  2. Sip & Savor at Wine Down Wednesday: Let the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center treat you to a relaxing midweek retreat with fine wines and live music under the stars. 

  3. Groove at Salsa Night: Feel the rhythm and embrace the lively atmosphere of Eclipse Di Luna during their vibrant Salsa nights - where every step tells a tale of passion and energy. 

  4. Cornhole Fun at Ashford Lane: Challenge your friends to a lively game of Cornhole amidst the cozy ambiance of Ashford Lane, where laughter echoes through the air. 


Ashford Lane Cornhole

  1. Elevated Views at Bar Peri Rooftop: Unwind and enjoy a drink with breathtaking views atop the AC Hotel's Bar Peri, where the cityscape becomes your backdrop. 

  2. MARTA Adventures to a Concert or Game: Hop on MARTA and embark on a seamless journey to experience the pulse of concerts or sports games right from Dunwoody. 

  3. Trivia Thrills at King George Tavern: Test your knowledge and enjoy a night of fun-filled trivia at the King George Tavern, where camaraderie meets competition. 

  4. Musical Magic at Brass Tap: Witness the electric atmosphere of dueling pianos at Brass Tap, where melodies collide and create unforgettable memories. 

  5. Fresh Finds at Dunwoody Farmers Market: Immerse yourself in the local community spirit while exploring fresh produce and artisanal goods at the Dunwoody Farmers Market hosted by DHA. 


DHA Farmer's Market

  1. Nature's Bounty at Dunwoody Nature Center: Embrace the beauty of nature during the Free First Saturday at Dunwoody Nature Center, where families and nature enthusiasts unite. 

  2. Exploration at Assembly Studios: Discover creativity at its finest by exploring the innovative and inspiring Assembly Studios. 

  3. Tapping into Fun at Barn's Tap That Tuesdays: Quench your thirst for both knowledge and craft beer at Barn during their Tap That Tuesdays event. 

  4. Touchdown at Village Dunwoody Courtyard: Cheer for your favorite football team amidst the lively ambiance of Village Dunwoody Courtyard. 

  5. Disc Golf Adventure at Brook Run Park: Tee off amidst the scenic landscapes of Brook Run Park, where every throw tells a new tale. 

  6. Artistry at JJ's Flower Shop: Create a floral masterpiece at JJ's Flower Shop and let your creativity bloom. 


JJ's Flower Shop


     16. Wine Slushie Delight at Perimeter Mall: Indulge in a refreshing wine slushie while exploring the retail therapy paradise at Perimeter Mall. 

     17. Thrills on High at Tree Top Quest: Soar through the treetops and experience an adrenaline rush at Tree Top Quest. 

     18. Theatrical Marvels at Stage Door Theatre: Be captivated by the magic of live performances at Stage Door Theatre, where stories come alive. 

     19. Snap a Photo by the MARTA Mural: Capture a moment in front of the vibrant mural near the MARTA station, where art and urban life merge seamlessly. 

     20. Artistic Expression at Spruill Center: Unleash your creativity by taking an engaging class at the Spruill Center for the Arts. 


Pottery Making at Spruill

  1. Historical Journey at Donaldson Bannister Farm: Step back in time and uncover the historical treasures of Dunwoody at the Donaldson Bannister Farm. 
  2. Melodic Moments at Le Meridien: Lose yourself in the soulful tunes and vibrant ambiance of live music at Le Meridien. 

  3. Stroll Through Ravinia Gardens: Find tranquility and beauty as you wander through the enchanting Ravinia Gardens. 

  4. Explore E 48th Street Market: Immerse yourself in the diverse offerings and cultural Italian richness of the E 48th Street Market. 


E. 48th Street Market Italian

As we wrap up this journey through the 2024 Discover Dunwoody Bucket List, remember that this list is just a starting point. Dunwoody is a city brimming with untold stories and hidden wonders. Explore beyond these adventures, uncover the lesser-known spots, and create your unique Dunwoody tale. 


Let the flavors, melodies, and sights of this city linger in your memories, urging you to discover more, explore further, and embrace the magic that Dunwoody has to offer. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, may 2024 be a year of enchanting discoveries and treasured experiences as you Discover Dunwoody. A city Above Atlanta and Beyond Expectations!