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Dunwoody undergoes a transformation into 'Dinowoody,' courtesy of the Torres family's captivating yard decorations. Lisa Torres has been enchanting Dunwoody since 2020 with holiday-themed dinosaurs and empowering messages. Join us for an enthralling interview delving into Lisa's inspiring journey—a testament to resilience, community, and kindness.

Lisa's Remarkable Journey:

Lisa's life story is a compelling narrative of transformation and resilience. From her roots in El Paso, Texas, to establishing a successful insurance career in Dunwoody, she shares her path—discovering her passion amidst diverse college aspirations, rising in the insurance industry, and ultimately opening her own office.

Dedication and Devotion:

Lisa's commitment to her career matches her devotion to family, particularly her sons, ages 6 and 3, who share her fascination with dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Bringing Joy:

Amidst the pandemic, Lisa's creative yard project transformed her property into a dinosaur-themed wonderland. The vibrant display, featuring inflatable dinosaurs and holiday decor, spread joy throughout Dunwoody.

Spreading Positivity:

Witness the evolution of Lisa's yard display—Christmas dinosaurs, Valentine's messages, and beyond—reflecting her passion for spreading positivity and heartfelt messages.

Community Support and Resilience:

Facing challenges due to city code violations, Lisa received overwhelming community support. The Dunwoody Community Forum rallied behind her, igniting a movement that garnered 2,000+ petition signatures.

Unity Prevails:

Despite challenges, Lisa's dinosaurs stand tall, serving as a beacon of hope, love, and unity. The community showcased the power of unity and positivity.

Support for Dunwoody Teachers:
In appreciation of the community's support, Lisa is fundraising for local Dunwoody Teachers through Dinowoody shirts and swag. Learn more and support the cause here.

Inspirational Stories:

This video is a collection of incredible stories, life lessons, and moments of joy. Join us as Lisa Torres inspires with her journey, urging everyone to find passion, make a difference, and cherish life's beauty. 🌈


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