Hey Margarita lovers, welcome to the Ultimate Dunwoody Margarita Blog Crawl! 🍹✨ Get ready to embark on a margarita adventure in Dunwoody to celebrate National Margarita Day on February 22nd. We've rounded up some places that promise margaritas so good they'll make you question your loyalty to any other beverage. Let the laughter, lime, and liquor commence!


1. Takorea- Where Tacos and Kimchi Do the Cha-Cha

Takorea is the love child of tacos and kimchi, and their margaritas have the dance moves to prove it. Get ready to salsa your taste buds into a fiesta frenzy! 

2. Tin Lizzy's- Where Margaritas Have a License to Thrill 

Finish your margarita crawl at Tin Lizzy's, where the only thing on the menu is a good time. Their margaritas are so fabulous; even the salt on the rim feels like it's living its best life. 


3. Taqueria Los Hermanos- Where Tacos Speak Fluent Spanish 

Taqueria Los Hermanos is not just a taco joint; it's a full-blown mariachi band for your taste buds. Their margaritas are so good; they've been known to make tacos shed happy tears. 

4. HOBNOB- Margaritas and Burgers - Because Why Not? 

Hob Nob believes in a balanced diet of burgers and margaritas. It's like they asked, "Why not have your lime and eat it too?" Get ready for a taste explosion! 


5. Chupitos- Shots, Samba, and Seriously Good Margaritas 

At Chupitos, every margarita is a party starter. WARNING: their margaritas are known to induce spontaneous salsa dancing and uncontrollable giggles. 

6. Superica- Tex-Mex Wonderland (With Extra Guac) 

Superica is where Tex-Mex dreams become a reality and margaritas reign supreme! Get ready to raise your glass and shout "¡Viva la margarita!" at this fiesta of flavor.


7. Politan Row- Where Tacos and Margaritas Unite in Culinary Matrimony 

Politan Row is the food hall of your dreams. Tacos, margaritas, and more! It's like the United Nations of deliciousness, and your taste buds are the ambassadors. 

8. Chuy's- Where Margaritas and Texan Spirit Collide 

Chuy's brings the Lone Star State to Dunwoody. Their margaritas are so bold; they once told a cowboy to take it easy. 


9. Red Pepper- Spicy Margaritas for the Brave Souls 

Red Pepper is not for the faint of heart. Their margaritas come with a spice warning – because who said margaritas can't have a kick? 


10. Eclipse di Luna

Join the lunar celebration at Eclipse di Luna! Their margaritas are out of this world, and the lively atmosphere is perfect for continuing your National Margarita Day journey. 

🎉 Get ready for a tequila-fueled adventure in Dunwoody this National Margarita Day! Remember, laughter is the best mixer, and the more ridiculous your dance moves, the better. Drink responsibly and laugh recklessly! Cheers! 🍹💃🎉 


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