Wake Up in Dunwoody 

You’ve been dreaming about a vacation for weeks? Months? Years?  It’s time to wake up and make it happen. In a safe, thriving city you shouldn’t sleep on. 
In Dunwoody, you’ll discover ….

Relaxation with no regrets: Find Your Zen

Eating with a side of activity: Get a Meal Plan

A much-needed break from business: Play After Work

And planning your next vacation or day trip won’t be a nightmare either. We’re here to help. It’s literally our job. So, say hi and hit us up with questions on social. Also: The digital guide to Discover Dunwoody isn’t human like we are, but it is helpful. You can download it here. Ready right this minute to make a move? Well, you can book a hotel and start daydreaming about your trip now. Rest assured; we’re one of the safest and cleanest cities in the Southeast.